About the Council of Post-secondary Presidents of Alberta

What is COPPOA?

The Council of Post-secondary Presidents of Alberta is an organization comprised of the presidents of Alberta’s 26 post-secondary institutions. Meeting regularly to discuss common concerns and respond collectively to shared opportunities, COPPOA provides a venue for Alberta’s post-secondary leaders to build and strengthen research and teaching partnerships across the province to the benefit of their respective students and communities as well as the province as a whole.

Alberta’s post-secondary education system is a critical engine for job creation and the economic and social prosperity of the province. Alberta’s 26 universities, colleges, and polytechnics produce innovators and leaders, individuals with the knowledge and skill to ensure the continued success of Alberta’s key sectors – such as agriculture, energy, and health. We prepare the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs – and fuel the industries of the future.

For more than a century, COPPOA’s member institutions have shaped Alberta’s cultural and social development. We feed the optimism, entrepreneurship, and ambition of all Albertans in every corner of the province, and provide the learning and training they need to realize their potential, achieve their goals, and contribute to the well-being of their communities.


Chair of COPPOA
  • Dr. Annette Trimbee (MacEwan University)
  • Dr. Melanie Humphreys (The Kings University) – Vice-chair, Policy
  • Dr. Alice Wainwright-Stewart (Lakeland College) – Vice-chair, Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations
  • Mr. Kevin Shufflebotham (Medicine Hat College) – Vice-chair, Member Relations
  • Dr. Peter Scott (Athabasca University) – Vice-chair, Shared Services
  • Dr. David Ross (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) – Treasurer
Executive Director
  • Bill Werry


Comprehensive Academic and Research Universities
  • Dr. Peter Scott, Athabasca University
  • Dr. Bill Flanagan, University of Alberta
  • Dr. Ed McCauley, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Mike Mahon, University of Lethbridge
Undergraduate Universities
  • Dr. Daniel Doz, Alberta University of the Arts
  • Dr. Annette Trimbee, MacEwan University
  • Dr. Tim Rahilly, Mount Royal University
Comprehensive Community Colleges
  • Dr. Misheck Mwaba, Bow Valley College
  • Justin Kohlman, Grande Prairie Regional College
  • Jay Notay, Keyano College
  • Alice Wainwright-Stewart, Lakeland College
  • Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College
  • Kevin Shufflebotham, Medicine Hat College
  • Carolyn Campbell, NorQuest College
  • Glenn Mitchell, Northern Lakes College
  • Stuart Cullum, Olds College
  • Nancy Broadbent, Portage College
  • Jim Brinkhurst, Red Deer College
Polytechnic Institutions
  • Laura-Jo Gunter, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Dr. David Ross, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Specialized Arts and Cultural Institutions
  • Janice Price, Banff Centre
Independent Academic Institutions
  • Dr. Gordon Smith, Ambrose University
  • Dr. Loren Agrey, Burman University
  • Dr. Tim Loreman, Concordia University
  • Dr. Melanie Humphreys, The King’s University
  • Dr. Gerry Turcotte, St. Mary’s University