Funding Ratio of Grant to Tuition

This information is based on submissions from 25 of 26 institutions collected between December 8th 2020 and January 11th 2021 and is based on their 2020/21 forecast. The data from Banff Center was not included as their business model is fundamentally different from the rest of the system.

% of total revenue by category. The total revenue numbers are derived from 2020/21 forecast.*Campus Alberta GrantTuition and mandatory feesOther sources(project grants, service revenues, donations and investment income)
Largest institutions based on enrolment (4)37.5%21.25%41.25%
Next largest based on enrolment (4)44.75%37.75%17.5%
Largest Comprehensive Community Colleges based on enrollment(4)43%33%24%
Independent Academic institutions ( 5)23.4%48.2%28.4%
Smallest enrolment institutions (8)57%19%24%
System average  Not weighted by enrollment41.13%31.84%27.03%

*Most institutions identified COVID-19 revenue declines and an increase in some expenditures due to costs attributable to COVID-19.

The percentages as reported by the Minister at a meeting of Board Chairs and Presidents of the comparator provinces were as follows:

ProvinceProvincial GrantTuition/feesOther

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